Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Rampant Reviewer

I have finally set up a blog for all the reviews I do, and have done in the past, that I don't put on this A&M blog.  All those other genres that I read seperate to Historical Fiction.
There will be some historical fiction reviews on the new blog, but there will be reasons why they weren't posted to this one. ie love story (which I don't read anymore but did many years ago) or fantasy historical.
Some other genres represented on the new blog are: Military History - Non Fiction, History - Non Fiction, Cooking, Natural World, plus other hobby related genres such as photography.
It will be a diverse range of reviews and saves me having a blog for each genre I am interested in.

See me here, or see me over there if you ever get curious  :)  ....The Rampant Reviewer

- Medieval Mayhem

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